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Wenaha Edition
  • Wenaha Edition

    SKU: 364215376135191

    Introducing the Wenaha Edition by CC Packgoat Co, the perfect cross buck saddle for your pack goat. Designed with the goat's comfort in mind, this saddle is a downsized version of the classic cross buck design that has been used for centuries to pack thousands of pounds. Made in the USA with high-quality materials and tested for durablity and strength, the Wenaha Edition is built to last and will make your goat packing adventures a breeze. Trust us, your goat will thank you for choosing this saddle. Get back to basics with the Wenaha Edition. Order yours today and experience the ultimate goat packing experience.


      • Made in the USA.
      • Saddle/Harness comes in under 7lbs.
      • >50% wool blend felt for all pads.
      • Fully adjustable double cinch.
      • Breast colar designed to be adjustable verticaly and horzontaly.
      • Spider britchen is adjustable front to back, up and down, and can also be tilted to fallow the taper of the legs.
      • Cross bucks made from 1 1/4 red oak.
      • Blades are 5/8 poplar.
      • All thread is polyester (no cotton)
      • All parts are individualy replaceable.

      CC Packgoat Co will replace any parts that have failed due to manufacture defects.  However if something should happen to your saddle or harness no matter the situation please call for a solution.


      All items are shipped after order and full payment. Some items will be made to order and therefore shipping times vary. We work our hardest to get all products out the door as soon as possible. Our typical shipping time is 5-7 business days. Shipping costs are based on your location and vary from order to order.

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